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Why should you have a forehead thermometer at home?

Best practices always recommend having a set of essential medical equipment and medicines at home and at work. Tools like a first aid kit, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and a head thermometer are among the most common. Sometimes we focus on things from our day-to-day life like work, shopping, or bringing the kids to school and tend to forget about these best practices. Precaution is the best ally to treat emergencies and having the essentials ready for use is a must-have for any home.

Contact thermometer vs remote thermometer – What’s the difference?

There are two kinds of thermometers to measure your body temperature. Temperature can be measured remotely or by touching the surface. Years ago, the only available option was by touch, but technology has advanced in a way we can now measure body temperature without touching the skin. This method has been proven to be more hygienic and prevent the spreading of viruses and bacteria. Imagine one of your family members has the flu and needs to check their temperature to see if there is a fever. With a contact thermometer, you have the risk of passing the germs to other family members, while with a remote thermometer risk is reduced, as there is no contact with the surface of their skin.

Remote thermometers normally measure the temperature in the temporal artery, located in the forehead. These devices are highly sensitive and recommended in all households, clinics, hospitals, and care homes. They have replaced the traditional thermometers (contact) by being a safer and more hygienic option. Remote thermometers only require one second to take a measurement, while contact thermometers could take a couple of minutes.

Why should you keep a forehead thermometer at home during the pandemic?

The pandemic has shown us the importance of measuring our temperature. Any abnormality with our temperature means something is not right in our body. High temperature normally means we are fighting against a virus or an infection, and in some cases, medical attention is required. One of the most common COVID-19 symptoms is high temperature or fever, and the only way to detect it is by having a thermometer at home. 

The highest risk of COVID-19 is not its effects or how it attacks the organism, but how transmissible it is. Considering this, having devices that can measure your health status remotely, such as a forehead thermometer, is the best option. It can help take hundreds of measurements without touching anyone. 

Prevention is the key to a healthier house

Sometimes we tend to think we are fully prepared for any emergencies or make the mistake to think some things will not happen to us. Prevention is the best weapon to fight emergencies at home or at work. Having a kit with the basics like medicines, first aid or even a thermometer is synonymous with caring about our family, friends, and colleagues. Something as simple as a forehead thermometer can help us detect if anyone in our household has a fever. It could be the signal that a person is fighting a virus and taking immediate action can help with their recovery and spreading the disease. At the end of the day, prevention is protection.


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Head thermometer Read temperature in seconds to track fever.
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