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Introducing Enhanced Provider-to-Patient Communication

We understand the pivotal role of effective and seamless communication in fostering solid connections between healthcare providers and their patients. With a commitment to enhancing this essential aspect of healthcare, we are thrilled to unveil two innovative functionalities that aim to elevate the patient-provider communication experience.

Video Calls with Your Patients: Our platform offers a convenient and secure way for you to connect with your patients through video calls. With this feature, you can easily schedule and conduct virtual appointments, allowing you to provide personalized care with those under your supervision. Enhance the quality of care and make patients feel valued by leveraging face-to-face interactions, even when in separate locations. 

Secure Messaging System: You can easily connect with them through our chat feature, share updates, and ask questions directly on their mobile app. This allows for seamless and efficient communication, making it easier for you to stay in touch with your patients and provide them with the care they need. Our platform ensures that all communication is kept private and secure, giving you and your patients peace of mind. 

You can also find our customer support team at or call 888-558-9686

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