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Introducing QardioTemp 2: Our next level Smart Forehead Thermometer

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant shift in healthcare towards home monitoring, and when you’re checking for fever at home, it’s essential to use the best digital thermometer for both yourself and your family. That’s why Qardio is excited to introduce the QardioTemp 2. Being FDA-cleared, this is the latest generation of our innovative smart forehead thermometer. With enhanced user experience, QardioTemp 2 maintains the renowned clinical-grade accuracy and reliability that Qardio is famous for.

The QardioTemp 2 uses advanced infrared technology to measure temperature instantly and accurately. Our latest generation includes a baby body temperature function, enabling temperature measurement without disrupting loved ones. Plus, with fever indication through a color-coded display, interpreting results is a breeze. It also provides a non-contact forehead temperature measurement, eliminating the need for disposable ear thermometer covers, whilst still delivering accurate and clinically validated results in just one second. Additionally, having surface temperature measurement built in, it is great for assisting you with your daily routines. 

The QardioTemp 2 effortlessly connects with the Qardio App, simplifying health management and providing peace of mind. It allows users to utilize features like daily temperature tracking, symptom logging, and customizable reminders for a comprehensive understanding of their health. Like other members of the Qardio family, and having telehealth built into its core – Users can easily share their results with healthcare providers, family, or friends directly within the app, giving them the information they need.

Take control of yours and your families health with QardioTemp 2 No-Touch Forehead Thermometer.

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