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Qardio’s Launches Innovative In-House Patient Eligibility Service

When launching a virtual care or remote monitoring program, patient selection is one of the greatest implementation challenges for any healthcare organization. Sorting through a patient population to identify good program candidates is a long process and can be a burden on an already stretched staff. 

The first step of the implementation process is a patient eligibility review. During this review, our dedicated EHR/EMR Extraction Specialist will work with your internal team to define eligibility criteria and identify the patients best suited for a remote care/monitoring program based on their reimbursement coverage and medical conditions. Our Patient Eligibility Service offers secure data extraction and analysis through HIPAA-compliant data transfer methods. Once the review is complete, practices can select the patients they wish to enroll.  

At Qardio, we pride ourselves on taking care of all the “other stuff” so that you and your staff can focus on patient care.  To learn more about how Qardio’s Patient Eligibility Service might benefit your practice, speak with one of our experts today.

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