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Why QardioArm is the perfect BP monitor for your holiday

Summer vacation is a great time to kick back and unwind, but if you’re part of the 50% of Americans who are affected by hypertension, you’ll also want to keep regular watch on your blood pressure. Let QardioArm take the effort out of tracking your heart health this summer with a smart blood pressure monitor that makes it simple. Just pair QardioArm with your smartphone or tablet with a tap and take your measurements anywhere on your Qardio App. Then, let Qardio do the rest so you can get back to enjoying your vacation.

Here are some of the features that help QardioArm keep you healthy this summer:

Easy to bring along
Leave the clunky BP monitor behind. QardioArm’s simple,portable and compact design means you can always bring it with you, wherever your travels may take you.

Geo-locate readings
Compare your heart health per location
– Qardio App’s feature PLACES lets you geo-track your readings to compare your measurements across location and time. See how your heart behaves on vacation and compare it with your regular readings at home. Who knows, maybe your results will show you need to spend more time at the beach.

Take readings anywhere, anytime
Planning to have an active vacation? With Qardio’s elegant and inconspicuous design you’ll be able to discreetly take readings wherever you are, be it the beach or an art gallery.

View readings in Qardio App
Just because you are far away from your doctor doesn’t mean you can’t understand your heart health. Stay informed, and view your results instantly against Qardio App’s color-coded World Health Organization recommendations chart.

Set reminders
New time zones make it hard to stick to regular routines. Take the stress out of remembering to take your measurements, and set up reminders in Qardio App so that you never forget to take a reading. This helps ensure that you and your doctor are still getting QardioArm’s consistent, valuable feedback even when you’re far from home.

Share results with loved ones
Don’t lose touch with people at home! Qardio App’s “Friends and Family” feature helps you keep your family informed, giving them peace of mind while you are enjoying your holiday.

Email results to your doctor
Keep your doctor in the loop!
Even though you may be enjoying life in far-off lands, there’s no reason you can’t keep your doctor at home up to date on your heart health. Qardio’s simple sharing functionality lets you send detailed health reports straight to your doctor without interrupting your hard-earned vacation time.

Taking blood pressure measurements doesn’t have to be a stressful time! Qardio App’s slideshow feature helps you relax as your measurement is taken, and gives you a chance to unwind while looking at photos on your smartphone. Select your vacation pictures and enjoy your time away from home even more.

QardioArm is the perfect travel companion to keep your heart healthy on your summer vacation. Not only is it medically accurate and simple to use, but it will also help give you peace of mind while enjoying your vacation. Buy your QardioArm here!

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