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The unique features of QardioBase Wi-Fi smart scale

QardioBase is the multi-award-winning wireless scale that combines smart features, ease of use, and sleek design to make weight and health management an integral part of everyday life. Here is a quick overview of all the powerful features that make QardioBase a one-of-a-kind scale.

Sleek design

The QardioBase is as beautiful as it is functional. The sleek look of the smart scale makes it perfect for design-conscious living and the clean finish allows QardioBase to be the center of attention in the most elegant of homes. With its hidden display and curved shape, it’s no surprise PC Magazine called it “one of the best-looking bathroom scales for your home”.

Unlike traditional scales, QardioBase measures weight, BMI, and full body composition so you can also track your fat and muscle percentage plus water and bone mass. Knowing more than just your weight is essential for improving both your health and fitness level.

Full body composition

BMI tells you if your weight is healthy for your height but it doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle and hence irrelevant to many such as athletes and body-builders. QardioBase gives you the full body analysis so you can work on the goal that matters to you, whether it is simply shedding a few pounds or building up muscle mass.

Smart feedback

Smart Feedback uses smileys instead of numbers to track progress towards your individual weight goal. It’s perfect for those who get discouraged by fluctuating numbers or those who want a positive experience while working towards their long-term goal. With Smart Feedback, when you stay on track, you’ll be rewarded with a smile even if your last night’s dinner wasn’t a salad.  

Made for sharing

QardioBase automatically recognizes up to 8 family members. Each household member is greeted by a smile and their name, and the scale even remembers your personal setting. QardioBase knows that Mom is named Jane, weighs 140 lbs, and uses Pregnancy Mode, while Dad is named Steve, weighs 190 lbs, and uses Smart Feedback Mode. With QardioBase everyone enjoys a truly personal experience.

Haptic feedback

With Haptic Feedback enabled, QardioBase gently vibrates to let you know that your measurement has been taken and automatically recorded in the Qardio App.  It is particularly useful for visually impaired users because it allows the scale to be operated solely from the Qardio App. As a matter of fact, Qardio App has a full voice-over to offer the blind a seamless experience.

Pregnancy mode

Want to track your pregnancy progress during this happy time?  Our smart scale’s Pregnancy Mode will guide you during pregnancy and help you get back to your previous weight after your little one arrives.  Moms-to-be can also add photos to each measurement, recording milestones throughout this happy time.


Would you like to get results faster? A recent study suggests that people who regularly weighed themselves are more likely to reach their weight goals faster. You can schedule regular measurements by setting reminders in the Qardio App.  Taking measurements at the same time also means consistency – and getting the most precise view of your progress.

We created a safe way for QardioBase users with implanted devices (such as pacemakers or defibrillators) to use our smart scale with peace of mind.  Those users get a weight-only measurement and access to all the same great Qardio App features via the Normal Mode.  

With QardioBase smart scale and body analyzer, you can enjoy all these benefits along with award-winning design.

Smart scale & body analyzer.
The scale that has it all.
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