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Qardio Introduces Revolutionary Livestream ECG Monitoring and Advances Healthcare

Qardio, a leading innovator in healthcare technology, has proudly unveiled its groundbreaking Livestream solution suite, which includes continuous ECG, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry (SPO2), Body Temperature, Weight, and Body Position monitoring, marking a significant leap forward in real-time virtual patient care.  

These cutting-edge real-time solutions have the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine in many settings, including, Transition of Care, Hospital at Home, Step-Down Units* (e.g., Critical Care/Telemetry/Cardiac), Remote Patient Care, Cardiac Rehab, and even Emergency Departments*.   By improving the ability of healthcare professionals (HCPs) to provide virtual care outside of clinical settings, HCPs can intervene quickly when patient health declines, thereby improving patient outcomes.  Early intervention can potentially reduce healthcare costs by decreasing hospital readmission and accelerating the transition of care.   

The key breakthrough of Qardio’s advancements lies in the Livestream ECG system, which provides physicians with real-time ECG readings that are not limited to 30 seconds. It also features the QardioCore technology, which allows patients to take ECG readings without shaving or adhesive patches.

Mike Alvarez, Qardio’s CEO, states, “Qardio’s dedicated team of software engineers and scientists are solving some of healthcare’s most pressing needs.  Our mission is to reduce costs while improving healthcare with artificial intelligence-derived solutions.  We are leveraging these solutions to improve outcomes for payers, healthcare professionals, and patients.  Livestream ECG is a perfect example of providing data to the practitioner that can improve outcomes quickly and cost-effectively. Qardio is unique in its ability to provide a remote real-time picture of patient health for Heart Failure, Hypertension, COPD, and Cardiac Rehab.”    

For more information on Qardio’s new Livestream ECG solution, visit

*The device is not intended for use on critical care patients.

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