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Connected care with predictive insight for a changing world.

Setting a new standard for remote care by enabling earlier intervention with predictive insight providing better care and more importantly saving lives.

Meet our team

Mike Alvarez
Mike Alvarez
Chief Executive Officer
Rosario Iannella
Rosario Iannella
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Gasparini
Daniel Gasparini
Chief Commercial Officer
Sandeep Yadav
Sandeep Yadav
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Asif Ali
Chief Medical Officer
Andreia Esteves
Andreia Esteves
VP of Application Development
Tony Meyers
Tony Meyers
VP of North American Sales
Mike Ketcham
VP Marketing

Awards & Recognitions

CNET QardioArm
March 2023
QardioArm named "Best overall at-home blood pressure monitor”
Mobile App Daily
March 2023
Mobile App Daily includes Qardio in “10 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps”
CNET QardioBaseX
February 2023
QardioBase X named "Best smart scale overall” by CNET
Forbes QardioArm
January 2023
Forbes includes QardioArm in “15 Tech Gadgets, Apps And Services To Keep Your Health In Check In 2022”
Forbes QardioBaseX
January 2023
QardioBase X named "Best premium smart scale” by Forbes
Parade QardioBaseX
December 2022
Parade includes QardioBase X in “The 11 Best Smart Scales on Amazon”
November 2022
QardioBase X named "Best smart scale overall” by CNET
CNET QardioArm
October 2022
QardioArm named "Best overall at-home blood pressure monitor”
The channel company
June 2022
The Channel Company includes QardioCore in “The 10 Coolest Wearable Tech Gadgets For 2022”
Healthline QardioBase X
May 2022
Healthline includes QardioBase X in “The 6 Best Smart Scales”
Forbes QardioArm 2022
March 2022
Forbes includes QardioArm in “The 7 Best Blood Pressure Machines”
February 2022
Healthline includes Qardio in “The best heart disease apps of 2022”

Recent Milestones

Qardio turnkey
January – Dr. Asif Ali of Houston Cardiology Consultants joins Qardio as Chief Medical Officer
January – Dan Gasparini joins Qardio as Chief Commercial Officer
February – Launch of Qardio's completely turnkey RPM service for health care professionals
March – Sandeep Yadav is appointed as Chief Financial Officer
March – Qardio introduces a smart 4G Blood Glucose Monitoring System
April – Qardio launches capability to determine patient reimbursement eligibility for medical practices
May – Qardio announces launch of new Cellular 4G smart scale
May – QardioDirect launches tablet for patients already preconfigured with Qardio devices
QardioBaseX, QardioTemp, QardioSpO2
January – Qardio launches smart SpO2 device for professionals and consumers
February – Qardio launches smart digital non-contact thermometer for professionals and consumers
February – Tony Meyers is appointed VP of North American Sales
March – Bruce Zajac is appointed VP of Marketing, International Sales, and Corporate Accounts
June – Qardio launches QardioBase X smart body composition monitor
August – Qardio launches Qardio+ subscription app for consumers to track and analyze health data
December – Qardio launches QardioArm 2 for healthcare professionals
March – FDA clearance is granted to QardioCore- ECG/EKG device
August – Qardio launches QardioDirect, a new platform for remote health monitoring
September – Qardio becomes the first company to launch an RPM program that includes cardiac monitoring
October – Qardio launches 4G cellular blood pressure monitor
December – Mike Alvarez is appointed as CEO

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Medical Professionals


APIs and B2B


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Los Angeles

Qardio, Inc.

440 N Barranca Ave #7120, Covina,
CA 91723, US


Qardio Europe Ltd.

85 Great Portland Street,
First Floor, London W1W 7LT, UK

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